Thursday, 2 April 2015

Steps to apply for passport online in India

1) Visit Passport India website. In middle you can easily find Register Now button under New User option. To apply fresh Passport then click on this button. A form will open.
2) Now fill the form. Provide your nearest Passport office address, your name, date of birth, email id and user name. Create your login credentials and click finally on the register button below right side. Provide information carefully as you don’t want trouble later with your Passport.
3) After that you have go back to home page of website. Now click on Login button under Existing User option. You have to provide the email id provided by you in step 2. After that a new screen will appear where you have to provide password and captcha and click login.

4) After successful login look for “Apply for Fresh Passport/Reissue of Passport” option. Click on that option.
5) In the next screen you will find 2 options. Alternative 1 and Alternative 2. Click on Alternative 2 option.
6) So after choosing Alternative 2, you will get new screen. Choose Fresh Passport or re-issue option. Type of application as Normal or Tatkal passport, type of passport booklet as 38 pages or 60 pages. If you are applying for a minor then provide the validity required option. Then click on the next button.
7) In the next screen you have to fill the Passport application with all your personal data as per your documents. Be careful as your details will be verified with your documents that you will submit. In case any miss match your passport application will be rejected. After completing the form you have to tick the Agree check box and submit the form. After submission of the form an ARN number will be generated. Keep a track of this number. In case you do not want to submit at this time then you can save & exit from that page. And later on submit the application by “Retrieve Partially Saved Form” option from the home page.
You can also apply for passport renewal online.

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